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Overcoming Checkout Abandonment During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Overcoming Checkout Abandonment During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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As online retailers brace for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales peak, addressing checkout abandonment becomes paramount. High cart abandonment rates can overshadow the potential surge in holiday sales, with Baymard Institute highlighting a staggering 70% average abandonment. Often, this is due to the absence of preferred payment methods, causing significant revenue loss.This phenomenon, marked by shoppers leaving their online carts without completing a purchase, can significantly dampen the holiday cheer for businesses relying on this season’s revenue.

Understanding the Challenges of eCommerce Checkout

The holiday season accentuates common eCommerce pain points, turning them into pressing challenges. Among these, the complexity around payment method selection stands out. Businesses have walked a tightrope ensuring they provide the payment methods customers prefer to use while at the same time not complicating the process. In a digital era where consumers have an array of payment preferences, from credit cards and e-wallets to buy-now-pay-later services, not offering a preferred payment method can be a deal-breaker. On the other hand, as per Baymard Institute findings, a substantial 18% of online shoppers abandon their purchases if the checkout process is too complex or time-consuming.

This issue is compounded during peak shopping times like Christmas holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where consumers are inundated with options and can easily navigate away to competitors should they encounter any friction. A streamlined and personalised customer-centric checkout process is not just a convenience but a necessity to capture and convert the heightened traffic into sales.

Optimising Checkout for a Mobile Version

The rise of mobile commerce has also shifted the landscape. A checkout experience optimised for mobile users is vital, as more consumers browse and buy on-the-go. Retailers must ensure their mobile checkout is as seamless and user-friendly as their desktop experience to cater to this growing demographic. Historically, Black Friday has seen a shift towards online shopping, with mobile purchases and the use of flexible payment options like Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) increasingly becoming the norm. In 2022, a staggering 73% of sales were made on mobile during this period, underscoring the importance of a mobile-optimised checkout process​​.

Harnessing Data to Enhance the Customer Experience

The surge in online holiday shopping, with up to a 3% – 4% increase compared to 2022 according to the National Retail Federation, presents an opportunity to harness data for improved customer insights. Analysing shopper behaviour, preferences, and feedback can inform strategies to refine the checkout process, making it more intuitive and less likely to drive customers away.

How can FERO help eCommerce merchants?

Addressing these multifaceted challenges, FERO presents innovative solutions rooted in predictive analytics and machine learning. FERO’s payment method predictor strategically surfaces the payment options customers are most likely to use, based on rich data analysis. This proactive approach minimises the friction caused by payment indecision or unavailability, thereby reducing abandonment rates and increasing conversion.

Furthermore, FERO’s authentication exemption booster represents a significant advancement in balancing security with convenience. By intelligently assessing transaction risk in real time, it correctly streamlines the authentication steps required to complete a purchase. This dual focus on user experience and security is especially critical during the fast-paced holiday shopping period, where every additional friction point in the checkout process increases the risk of cart abandonment.

FERO’s technology offers more than just a band-aid for the holiday rush; it provides a comprehensive, data-driven approach that personalises the entire checkout experience for each individual shopper. eCommerce merchants armed with FERO’s tools are empowered to not only improve conversion rates but also to enhance overall customer satisfaction, building loyalty that extends beyond the holiday season.

In conclusion, as eCommerce platforms face the high stakes of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping period, the importance of an optimised checkout process cannot be overstated. FERO’s advanced solutions offer retailers the means to transform potential checkout frustrations into conversion success stories.

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