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How does FERO personalise payment experiences?

FERO uses Machine Learning to personalise checkout, leveraging various data types like behavior, demographics, and location. By analysing past customer actions, it streamlines checkout, boosting conversions and productivity. This data-driven approach enables FERO to offer tailored payment options, enhancing consumer satisfaction and loyalty, fostering seamless transactions and lasting partnerships.

Why use FERO? What are the benefits of using FERO?

FERO offers a powerful suite of tools designed to optimise your payment process, leading to a more secure and profitable experience for your business. Here’s how FERO benefits you:

  • Boost Conversions: FERO helps you identify and suggest the most suitable payment methods for each customer, increasing the likelihood of successful checkouts.
  • Personalised Experience: FERO allows you to tailor the checkout experience to individual customers, making it smoother and more convenient.

By implementing FERO, you can streamline your checkout process, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately boost your bottom line.

What industries have seen the most success with FERO’s checkout experience personalisation?

We’ve seen significant results across a wide range of businesses. Physical goods retailers have seen increased sales and reduced chargebacks, while charities and NGOs have witnessed a boost in donations thanks to FERO’s personalisation power. Industries like digital goods, travel, and hospitality have also seen success with FERO, experiencing significant improvements in conversions with smoother checkout flows.

How much risk and effort would it be to implement FERO?

We try to make integration as simple and effortless as possible. We offer a variety of options to fit your needs, regardless of your technical expertise. Developers can leverage our API for full customisation, or you can embed our secure iFrame directly into your checkout. If you are using Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce, simply install our plugins for a hassle-free setup. With these flexible options, you minimise risk and effort while maximising the results you can achieve with FERO.

How long does it typically take to see results from your services?

It typically takes 4-6 weeks to see the positive impact, however we can significantly reduce this time with your help. By sharing your consumer historical data like purchase and payment information, FERO delivers results faster. This allows us to personalise the checkout experience more effectively from the start.

What is the typical onboarding process for a new customer at FERO?

At FERO, we pride ourselves on a smooth onboarding process to get you up and running quickly. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Initial Contact: The process starts with a call from our Head of EMEA, Chris Stein. Chris will discuss your business needs and how FERO can benefit your company.
  • Implementation Planning: Once we understand your requirements, we’ll work together to develop a customised implementation plan that seamlessly integrates FERO into your existing system.
  • Launch and Support: After successful integration, we’ll be there to support you throughout your FERO journey.

Our onboarding process is designed to be efficient and informative, ensuring a smooth transition to using FERO.

Does FERO replace my current fraud solution provider?

No. FERO operates at an earlier stage in the checkout process, focusing on optimising the payment flow and suggesting preferred payment methods. This helps streamline the checkout experience for your customers. Meanwhile your fraud solution provider can continue to function as usual, providing its own layer of security to your transactions.

Does FERO offer any ongoing support and maintenance after implementation?

At FERO, your success is our priority. Our team is available to answer any questions and we take a proactive approach, regularly checking our systems and keeping it updated. Our ongoing support ensures you have the resources and expertise to maintain a seamless checkout process and achieve long-term success. If you have any questions about our support services, please reach out and we’ll be happy to chat!

Can I customise the checkout experience myself after using FERO?

While we suggest using FERO in its ability to personalise the experience for each customer in real-time, you can also leverage the data it gathers to make your own customisations. FERO essentially equips you with valuable customer insights – their preferences, payment habits, and other trends – that you can use to tailor the checkout process even further.

Are there any fees associated with the personalised payment options?

Yes. Fees may apply for personalised payment options depending on the specific service you choose. Contact our team to discuss our pricing structures and possibilities.

Does FERO offer a Free trial?

Yes! We offer different types of free trials of our services. Contact our team to find out more details.

Is FERO localised for international shoppers?

Yes, FERO caters to international shoppers. It offers global payment options for a smooth checkout experience.

What is FERO’s long-term vision for the future of checkout experiences?

FERO is on a mission to revolutionise the checkout experience, making it a frictionless and personalised journey for both customers and businesses. Our vision centres around creating a seamless flow that feels effortless for shoppers.

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